Thursday, May 5, 2011

Woody Allen may be casting Roberto Benigni in his latest cinematic endeavor...

...according to Deadline, at least:

One thing missing so far from the upcoming film Woody Allen will shoot in Italy has been ... Italian actors. Allen has so far set Jesse Eisenberg, Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page and Alec Baldwin. I'm hearing that Allen will land iconic Italian director/actor Roberto Benigni to join the ensemble cast. For the most part, Benigni hasn't been seen in these parts since he was climbing over seated superstars to accept the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and then later bounding up and saying he wanted to make love to everyone after he was named Best Actor in the 1997 film Life is Beautiful. The last dull Oscarcast could certainly have used him. I believe he'll be announced as part of Allen's The Wrong Picture cast at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, where Allen premieres his latest film, Midnight in Paris.

-Joey's Two Cents: This is shaping up to be one of the best casts for one of his flicks in a long time. We also now seem to know the title of the film, so make note of that...thoughts?


  1. I always look forward to information on a Woody flick, and this is no exception...

  2. With all of the talent involved I really hope this film will be good, and not like the disappointing You Will Meet a Tall dark Stranger.