Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why 'The Tree of Life' was a disappointment to me...

...or at least a partial disappointment. As you all have no doubt seen by now, my review of the film went up earlier today (you can find it here if you haven't seen it yet), and I obviously do not share in the opinion of some that Terrence Malick has crafted a masterpiece. I recognize the quality elements of the work, but it never came together for me. I figured I'd use this as a place for everyone to comment once more on the film (since it's generating a lot of chatter, not just on the site, too), now that it has been out for more than just a few days and the review is up to read and comment on. Have at it!


  1. Again, I didn't dislike it, I just found the film far more flawed than I anticipated...

  2. I'm surprised that you keep referring to The Tree of Life as a disappointment, since your expectations seemed more measured that the majority of the internet's.

  3. Even with a more measured expectation, I still felt like Malick couldn't keep a grip on the material. He obviously is making a point, but it's muddled at best...