Monday, May 16, 2011

The most controversial movie of the year gets reviewed...

...right here at The Awards Circuit! Today's update includes one of the few reviews out there of the uber-controversial movie 'A Serbian Film'. I won't get into anything about the work here, but I will say that the controversy is actually somewhat well-founded, for a change. That review can be found here (definitely check it out, so I don't feel like I saw it for nothing). Lots of other flicks got reviewed as well, including the latest comedy from the Judd Apatow factory...the female centric 'Bridesmaids' (found here), Will Ferrell's small-scale drama 'Everything Must Go' (found here), Werner Herzog's latest documentary 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams' (found here), and the documentary 'The People vs George Lucas' (found here). Check them all out and give us some feedback!
-Do you think you can stand the sight of 'A Serbian Film'? Are you interested in either of the documentaries? What about the other films we reviewed? Let us know!

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