Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Here's a rundown of what films got picked up (and by whom) at Cannes...

...via Variety:

U.S. distribs sprang into action during Cannes, snapping up both festival specialty pics and pre-sales on big-budget commercial titles. The Weinstein Co. and Sundance Selects were the busiest buyers, while new players FilmDistrict and Open Road are starting to flex their pickup muscles.

Cannes festival films-

"The Conquest" - Music Box

"We Need to Talk About Kevin" -- Oscilloscope

"House of Tolerance" - Sundance Selects

"Kid with a Bike" - Sundance Selects

"Poliss" - Sundance Selects

"Sleeping Beauty" - Sundance Selects

"Footnote" - Sony Classics

"Dragon" - TWC

"The Artists" - TWC


"Great Hope Springs" - Sony

"Snitch" - Summit

"Iron Lady" - TWC

"The Wettest County" - TWC

"Looper" - FilmDistrict

"Arabian Nights" - FilmDistrict

"Playing the Field" - FilmDistrict

Other finished films

"The Killer Elite" - Open Road

"Goodbye First Love" - Sundance Selects

"Sacrifice" - Samuel Goldwyn

-Joey's Two Cents: I'm always in favor of films getting picked up and being given a chance to find an audience, so the more the merrier to me...thoughts?

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  1. FilmDistrict is making a lot of noise in a short time, and TWC seems to be getting back on its old Miramax track slowly but surely...