Thursday, May 19, 2011

Take Shelter wins the top prize at Cannes' Critics Week!

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Jeff NicholsTake Shelter took the Grand Prize of the 50th annual Critics Week at a closing ceremony in Cannes on Thursday night.

The Sundance Competition title starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain was named best film of the selection by a jury presided by Lee Chang-Dong.

Nichols also walked away with the SACD prize for best screenwriting. Sony Pictures Classics snagged the North American rights to the title earlier this year.

Justin Kurzel’s Snowtown earned a Special Mention by the President.

Pablo Giorgelli’s Las Acacias took home a double honor, winning both the OFAJ Young Critics Prize and the ACID (Association of Independent Cinema for its Distribution)/CCAS (Main Fund of Social Activities) award.

-Joey's Two Cents: The buzz is certainly building for this movie...thoughts?


  1. I'm definitely keeping an eye on this one...

  2. I was an extra on the set of this and the wait for it to come out since last summer has been long and unwelcome. But to hear this is awesome, regardless of it making the wait seem longer.

  3. One critic from the Seattle area I respect a great deal trashed the film, but he seems in the distinct minority. This film looks more and more intriguing and this award is significant I think for its success going forward. And Michael Shannon know awesome...

  4. We shall see what the broader word turns out to be...

  5. To me, this all builds up for a Chastain celebration come awards season. She will definitely get credited for something but to what it all depends still. Gogo Tree of Life^>^

  6. Nothing is set in stone, so "definitely" isn't the right word at this stage...