Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today's Posters: The Muppets, Fright Night, and Submarine

The others after the jump...



  1. I really enjoy the Fright Night poster, it's a nice throwback to horror flicks decades ago...

  2. Actually like all three of these and that "Muppets" poster from some reason makes me chuckle out loud. Maybe it's tired marketing, but I would like the "Muppets" to do riffs off of other iconic posters - similar to the Oscar campaign for "Toy Story 3" that didn't reach the general public. I dunno, the kid in me just don't want that movie to be bad so like you Joey - I'm rooting for it!

  3. And the kid in me apparently opted for "don't" instead of "doesn't." Ugh...more coffee...