Sunday, May 15, 2011

Circuit Round-Up, 05/15

* Last week, Mike Ward gave a positive review of Thor, while Joey Magidson wrote a very positive review of The Beaver.

* Joey’s DVD Pick of the Week is hands-down one of the best films of 2010.

* I made a very rare plea in my preview of the weekend releases.

* I wrote two editorials last week; one about my frustration at demands for fidelity in adaptations, the other being worried about Christianity as a theme for mindless action films.

* I also reminisced about some of the brilliant performances of Paul Bettany’s career in Under the Circuit.

* Anna Belickis continues her coverage of "Dancing with the Stars."

* The Top Ten Funniest Female Film Performances are unveiled. What is your favorite comedic performance from an actress?

* Finally, our esteemed Editor Clayton Davis commenced his official predictions for next year’s Academy Awards, starting with Best Picture. Stay tuned for his predictions in the other categories!

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