Saturday, July 9, 2011

Today's Trailers: Jack and Jill, Restless, and The Undefeated

First up is the stunningly bad (and yet I sadly laughed more than once) Adam Sandler comedy 'Jack and Jill':

The rest after the cut...

Next we have a new look at the interesting looking Gus Van Sant flick 'Restless':

Finally, we have what must be the funniest documentary of all time, the Sarah Palin-centric 'The Undefeated':



  1. Two observations:

    1. Sandler's film looks like what he and Judd Apatow made fun of in Funny People...

    2. How can you call the documentary The Undefeated when Palin is mostly known know, losing an election?

  2. I had that exact same thought when I saw Sandler's trailer. I also shamefully chuckled a few times, but I think it was more in awe of how bad the film looked.

  3. Indeed. Ironically, the trailer mentions Grown Ups and Just Go With It, which both had that same quality...poor movies where you laugh more than you expect to.