Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clark Gregg joins the comedic ensemble for 'The To Do List'...

...and it's a good group, as you can see above (though the film used to have a much better title). Here's the story from The Playlist:

Already boasting a massive cast, the upcoming high concept comedy “The To Do List” (previously known as “The Hand Job”) has now added two more its ranks.

The Playlist has confirmed that Clark Gregg—best known as Agent Coulson from the Marvel movie franchise—and Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts from “The O.C.”) have come aboard the film. Starring “Parks and Recreation” star Aubrey Plaza, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Alia Shawkat, Mae Whitman, Johnny Simmons, Donald Glover, Connie Britton, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Scott Porter, D.C. Pierson and Dominic Dierkes the film follows a studious, A-type who has recently graduated from high school but remains sexually inexperienced. Before hitting college, she decides she’s going to check off every possible sex act and embarks on an adventure like no other...

...with goals on her list including hand-job, titty-fuck, blow-job, fingering…you get the idea. Naturally, her friends are naturally shocked by her sudden and somewhat aggressive quest.

The was written and will be directed by comic Maggie Carey (who is also Hader’s wife) with Plaza in the lead, Britton as her liberal, free-spirited mother; Porter will take on the role of a grunge rocker Plaza has a crush on, Simmons will be a classmate and Mintz-Plasse his sci-fi dork best bud. Dierkes, Pierson and Glover will play a trio of lifeguards while Hader will play a stoned pool manager. No official word yet on Gregg and Bilson’s roles, but it’s likely they’re slotted in as Plaza’s conservative father and older sister respectively—the two remaining parts that needed to be filled.

Filming is likely to kick off soon as a good chunk of the cast will be returning to their TV shows this fall (”Saturday Night Live,” “Community,” “Parks & Recreation” etc). No release date yet, but 2012 looks likely.

-Joey's Two Cents: I think Aubrey Plaza has the potential to be a big star, so perhaps this will be her 'Bridesmaids'...thoughts?


  1. The concept definitely has lots of potential for comedy...

  2. Is it me...or does that look like Josh Duhamel on the right?

  3. I suppose Bill Hader has a resemblance to him...