Friday, June 3, 2011

Aaron Sorkin's project about John Edwards may be evolving... The Wrap points out:

Two decades after Aaron Sorkin's famous lawyer drama "A Few Good Men" scored at the box office, it looks the writer might have to return to the courtroom with his forthcoming John Edwards' drama.

The two-time presidential candidate was indicted by by a grand jury in North Carolina on Friday. He faces charges that he violated campaign finance law during his 2008 presidential campaign and used that money to hide an extramarital affair with Rielle Hunter.

Entitled "The Politician," the film is an adaptation of campaign aide Andrew Young's memoir of his time spent at Edwards' side.

It now looks like Sorkin may have found the setting for another "You can't handle the truth" moment. Edwards makes his first appearance in federal court in Winston-Salem, N.C., this afternoon.

The man who drew deep support from within the movie industry faces six counts — four centering on illegal payments, one involving conspiracy and one regarding false statements.

Sorkin attended a 2003 fundraiser for Edwards at the home of Dennis Hopper, according to the Hollywood Reporter. His entertainment industry supporters included Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Jackson Browne.

-Joey's Two Cents: Edwards was a politician I followed closely and I dig Sorkin very much, so this is an extremely interesting project to me...thoughts?

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