Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ben Affleck might have his 4th directorial endeavor coming together...

...and it's his first remake. Here's what Deadline has to say:

Harlan Coben, one of the biggest selling mystery writers in America, is finally in line to have one of his books made into a major Hollywood film. And all he had to do was make a detour through France.

Warner Bros and Universal Pictures have optioned rights to turn Coben’s thriller Tell No One. Ben Affleck is attached to direct and the script will be written by Chris Terrio. Terrio scripted Argo, the film Affleck is preparing to direct next for Warner Bros. Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall will be the producers. The studios will co-develop the picture, with Warner Bros releasing domestically and Universal Pictures International launching it overseas. The deal involves Luc Besson’s Europacorp and that’s where the French connection comes in. The new project is basically a remake of the French film adaptation of Coben’s book, which was directed by Guillaume Canet.

Coben originally set up his book at Sony Pictures in 2002. The studio hired Star Trek scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, no less. Coben has a page-turning writing style, but his mysteries aren't seamless screen transitions. It never quite came together and Sony let it go. Canet then got involved, figured out how to make the premise work onscreen, set it up at Europacorp and turned it into French film. The plot involves a pediatrician who is out one night frolicking by a lake with his wife when she suddenly vanishes and he is severely beaten when he tries to find her. When she turns up murdered, he is prime suspect. That’s until she’s declared a victim of a caught serial killer. Years later, bodies turn up in the same spot and the nightmare is repeated as the pediatrician is again under suspicion. Right around that time, he’s given evidence that his wife wasn’t dead at all. Canet managed to make all that work, anchored by the fact the protagonist never got over the death of his wife. Sara Schechter and Greg Silverman are running the project for Warner Bros and Adam Yoelin is steering it for Kennedy/Marshall.
Maybe this gives hope to Coben's other books. That includes the series revolving around hoops star-turned sports agent and sleuth Myron Bolitar. John Calley bought those rights at Sony Pictures years ago but could never get a script he could make. Do they have sports agent/sleuths in France?

-Joey's Two Cents: At this point, anything Affleck directs I'm interested in...thoughts


  1. The original movie certainly has its fans...

  2. Let's hope he continues to wow us, I have no reservations in saying he deserves another Oscar, possibly for directing this time, that is if he continues the way he has been going.

    I'm still a little furious at The Town's Oscar shutout (aside from the JR nomination)