Thursday, June 30, 2011

Warner Bros. will release both J. Edgar and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close in 2011...

...putting them square in the Oscar race (and proving me right in heavily favoring them in my early predictions...huzzah). The Playlist has the details:

With The Weinstein Company busy over the last few weeks getting their Oscar season in order, Warner Bros. is following suit setting (vague) dates for two of their big prestige films of the year.

First up, Clint Eastwood‘s “J. Edgar” will hit theaters in a to be determined date in October. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and he’s got a great supporting cast around him. b> Armie Hammer, the breakout star of “The Social Network,” will play Clyde Tolson, Hoover’s assistant/lover, while Naomi Watts will play Helen Gandy, Hoover’s personal secretary. The film will also star Judi Dench, Stephen Root, Ed Westwick, and Josh Lucas. Of course, the big question is not if the film will be Oscar bait, but just what categories in can contend in. Even “Hereafter,” released in the same frame last year largely to muted reviews, wound up with an nomination for Visual Effects so anything is possible.

Next up, is Stephen Daldry‘s “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” and with Warner Bros setting it for sometime in December, they are clearing putting most of their Oscar push behind this one. Based on the book by Jonathan Safran Foer, the story focuses on Oskar Schell, a nine-year-old boy from Manhattan whose father died on 9/11. Two years later, the boy discovers a key belonging to his father, which sends him on a search through the city. Newcomer Thomas Horn will play Oskar, with Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks as his parents, and John Goodman as a doorman who aids Schell on his quest. Viola Davis, Jeffrey Wright, Max Von Sydow and James Gandolfini round out the cast.

Best selling and critically acclaimed book + three time Best Director Oscar nominee + five time nominee and two-time Oscar winning actor + Best Actress winner = instant awards horse. They would have to screw the pooch pretty hard to mess this one up.

But if all this Oscar talk is boring you to tears, and you just want some big dumb noise, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”—IN 3D! WOO!—has now been set for October 5, 2012 release.

-Joey's Two Cents: Mark your calendars now...thoughts?


  1. Business is indeed picking up again isn't it?

  2. Honestly, I still feel fairly comfortable betting against J. Edgar right now, especially after the Best Picture rule change. After Eastwood's last two features, I could easily see his Oscar-baiting biopic getting a lot of "that was nice" reactions but not garnering enough #1 passion votes. Granted, it could be the next Letters from Iwo Jima, but still...

    I will be kicking myself over Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, though.

  3. Robert- I'm updating my predictions now, and while I'm not overloading on either, I am pulling back more on J. Edgar than Extremely Loud...