Sunday, June 12, 2011

The 38th annual Student Academy Awards are handed out!

Via Variety:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences celebrated the work of 15 student filmmakers at the 38th Student Academy Awards, held Saturday night at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

Julian Higgins took home the gold medal in the narrative category for her pic "Thief." Shawn Wines landed the silver medal for "High Maintenance" and Soham Mehta took home the bronze for "Fatakra."

In the animation category, Zach Hyer's "Correspondence" and Bernardo Warman and Shaofu Zhang's "Dragonboy" were feted with gold medals. Avner Geller and Stevie Lewis took the bronze for "Defective Detective."

In the foreign student film category, Hallvar Witzo was awarded the gold medal for "Tuba Atlantic." Karzan Kader was given the silver medal for the pic "Bekas" and Max Zaehle earned the bronze for "Raju."

In the docu category, Wonjung Bae took home the gold medal for "Vera Klement: Blunt Edge." The silver medal was handed to Anthony Weeks for "Imaginary Circumstances" and Theo Rigby got the bronze for "Sin Pais (Without Country)."

In the alternative category, Tal S. Shamir took home the gold medal for "The Vermeers."

Jennifer Garner, Edward Zwick and John Musker along with the Academy prexy Tom Sherak were among the presenters that handed out the awards.

-Joey's Two Cents: Congrats to them!

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  1. Perhaps one day we'll be seeing these names at the big show...