Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paul Feig has Melissa McCarthy and Jon Hamm in mind for his next flick?

Quite possibly, according to Deadline:

A little over a week ago, Deadline revealed that Universal Pictures had made a deal for another comedy that Bridesmaids director Paul Feig would write, helm and produce with Judd Apatow. There was no title and the plot was under wraps. I've learned a little bit more. The unconventional love story is about a guy who becomes obsessed with a woman. The template for the guy is Jon Hamm, and the gal is Melissa McCarthy. While I'm cautioned there are no negotiations and it is all very early, it makes perfect sense that both of these thesps will be courted to star in this Feig-directed comedy. Mad Men's Hamm played a fabulously insensitive douchebag playboy in Bridesmaids. As for Mike & Molly star McCarthy, she stole every scene she was in, no easy feat in that strong ensemble cast. If Universal and Apatow aren't figuring out ways to build comedies around McCarthy, they're crazy.

-Joey's Two Cents: I think they'd be a great pairing...thoughts?


  1. I gota say Jon Hamm is probably one of the more impressive actors around today. I'm a recently turned Mad Men enthusiast (I see now why it keeps winning) but I had seen more of his comedic work in stuff like 30 Rock, Bridesmaids, Children's Hospital, and all his little bit stuff he does. Watch him on his two appearances on Zach Galiinakis' internet show Between Two Ferns, he's great at deadpan as well. He has amazing range and I feel like he could become an acting legend by the end of his career, which I hope isn't for a few more decades.

    Granted, yes, he was in Sucker Punch and The Day the Earth Stood still, but we all have slip-ups at one point or another. And it's not like he was bad in them...

  2. He was excellent in The Town as well.