Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here's the official Trailer for Moneyball


-Joey's Two Cents: It seems like the most cinematical version of the story possible...thoughts?


  1. I'm thinking this is in the race for some major awards if it's as good as this looks.

  2. I've got a feeling I'm going to enjoy this one very much.

    As for awards, well I was predicting PSH pretty high but the trailer seems to focus almost exclusively on Pitt and Hill. Trailers tend to highlight their great performances but I'm hoping their just saving PSH for the cinema!

  3. Hoffman's role is not very large. This is Billy Beane's story, and the next largest roles are for the characters of Scott Hatteberg, Chad Bradford, and Paul DiPodesta (who is called "Peter Brand" here), but Pitt's role as Beane is where the awards chances lie.

  4. Preview screenings have also brought a lot of praise for Hill and although his chances would be slim, I wouldn't rule him out.