Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Clint Eastwood wants Leonardo DiCaprio to star with Beyonce in A Star is Born?

Apparently so, according to Deadline:

I hear Clint Eastwood is using his time with Leonardo DiCaprio on the J Edgar Hoover biopic to discuss the director's new Warner Bros project A Star Is Born. Clint is hoping to team Leo with Beyoncé, who's already set for the musical. Clint is producing through Malpaso as well as helming the script by Will Fetters. Producers are Billy Gerber and Basil Iwanyk and Jon Peters (who made the infamous version with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson). The project has been at WB for several years, and there'd been talk of pairing Beyoncé and Will Smith. But casting Leo as the male lead would make for a much more interesting movie. There have been a trio of A Star Is Born versions made since the 1930s, the last one coming in 1976 with Kristofferson playing the boozer and Streisand the wannabe. Or even #4 if you consider What Price Hollywood (1932) made by George Cukor, which is often forgotten.

-Joey's Two Cents: I'm not exactly excited by this project, but DiCaprio would be a very interesting choice...thoughts?

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  1. At this point, Eastwood should have the freedom to do what he wants, but I feel like there are other projects out there better suited for him...