Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not that this shocks anyone, but prepare yourself for 'The Hangover Part 3'...

...despite a complete lack of quality inherent in the second one, at least to me. Anyway, here's the story from The Wrap:

It really shouldn't be a surprise, but Craig Mazin is on board to write the third "Hangover" movie.

Mazin and Scot Armstrong wrote "The Hangover Part II," the Warner Bros. comedy that grossed more than $205 million worldwide in its first five days. It's the best comedy premiere ever and Warner Bros. would love to replicate its success.

The movie was released Thursday.

Mazin (left) also wrote the 2003 "Scary Movie 3" and the 2006 "Scary Movie 4."

He and Armstrong wrote "The Hangover Part II" based on characters by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.

Todd Phillips directed the 2009 "The Hangover" and this week's sequel.

-Joey's Two Cents: Money talks...thoughts?


  1. Coming to Theaters Summer 2013...

    Prepare Yourself...

    "Oh no, we lost Phil's cousin in Cabo and no one remembers what happened last night! I can't believe this is happening again!!!!"

  2. Pretty much, though the only character left to marry off is Alan, which is a scary thought.

  3. I died a little inside with confirmation of this news, although when those Thursday box office numbers hit...I knew. I knew. And perhaps the worst part of all of this is that Scott Mazin continues to find jobs writing movie scripts. Ugh.

  4. Indeed...he's less than stellar.