Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Joey's DVD Picks of the week (8/2/2011)

This week is one of the larger ones in a while in terms of DVD release quantity, but is it also one in terms of quality? Well, the honest assessment is that it really isn't, though there's more than a few interesting selections out there for the discerning buyer. This is the kind of week where most of the films are specialty indies, so there are some that I haven't seen, making it a little tougher of a rundown than usual. Still, there's enough that I have seen, and I do have a PICK OF THE WEEK all set to go. It's one of the smaller movies this week, but it played decently well at Sundance earlier this year. It's:

The Music Never Stopped

Is it a shamelessly manipulative family drama in the same vein as Awakenings? Yes, but it's still effective enough to get my recommendation. Featuring an excellent lead performance by J.K. Simmons (who all too rarely gets big roles like this) and a strong rock soundtrack, this is flick that lets its strengths outweigh its weaknesses. It's not exactly an amazing film, but it's a nice little movie that is hard to pick on. In a better week (or perhaps if I had seen more), it might have had a stronger challenge, but for now, it's a sufficient top pick that I have no trouble recommending to you.

-Also out are a pair of well liked indie films that I didn't get a chance to see but will be checking out on DVD. First is the mumblecore film noir (yes, that type of film exists) Cold Weather, which some critics raved about. The other flick is the indie horror tale Stake Land. Both have solid reviews to their credit, and I know I'll be seeing them soon, so perhaps you should too...we can compare notes!

-The rest of the releases this week include the disappointing relationship drama Last Night, the mediocre animated flick Rio, the bland looking (since I haven't seen it) family sports tale The Perfect Game, the inspirational surfing movie brought down by religious obsession Soul Surfer, and the direct to DVD sequel Quarantine 2: Terminal (ironic that the sequel to the remake of [REC] comes out right after the sequel to [REC], right?). None of these do much for me, but if they do for you, feel free to check them out and enjoy...

-My Vintage pick, in honor of this week's release of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, is a collection of prequels (and reboots, since this could count as both) that I feel are worth their salt. They are, in alphabetical order: Batman Begins, Casino Royale, Red Dragon, and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I know some have their issues with some of these picks, but I feel that they achieve their goals. Just avoid Tim Burton's dreadful remake of Planet of the Apes and you're good in my book.

-What will you be watching on DVD this week?


  1. It's not a bad week, and next week is an upgrade...

  2. Rio's been out on DVD for weeks down here in Mexico. That's odd. Anyway, I didn't really think it was mediocre. It wasn't great, but it had its charm. I haven't seen any of the rest since most American indies don't arrive to Mexico sually (and if they do, they tend to be a year late).

  3. It just wasn't charming enough for me, which was a shame since I liked the voice cast....and apologies about the dearth of indies.