Monday, August 22, 2011

Here are some details on the Toy Story short that will be attached to The Muppets...

...coming to us via Collider:

In February, we reported that Disney and Pixar would be attaching a new Toy Story short to The Muppets. At this weekend’s D23 Expo, the film’s director, Angus MacLane (“BURN-E”), announced that the short will be titled “Small Fry” and like “Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation”, the whole gang will be back. According to The Pixar Times, “attendees were treated to the short but substantial clip, which gave away a few plot points. Looks like Buzz Lightyear is left behind at a fast-food restaurant and must find his way back home. In doing so he encounters some less popular, happy meal-like toys. One of those toys, a Mermaid of sorts, will be voiced by Glee‘s Jane Lynch.”

Since I skipped Cars 2, I haven’t seen “Hawaiian Vacation”, but it’s tough to go wrong with the Toy Story crew, this premise sounds fun, and “BURN-E” is a quality short. You can check out “Toy Story: Small Fry” when The Muppets opens on November 23rd.

-Joey's Two Cents: As if I needed another reason to want to see some hot Muppet action...thoughts?


  1. I am completely unable to contain my excitement for "The Muppets"...All the pieces are in place to make this something thoroughly entertaining...

    And is Pixar gunning for Animated Short Film with two entries this year? Hmmm...